Dangers of Constipation

Dangers of constipationConstipation is one of those things that we live with – it doesn’t stop you from getting out of bed and going about your business, so what’s the harm anyway? In fact, most people treat the flu more seriously – they’ll take a day off work and stay indoors. Whoever heard of someone taking a day off because they were constipated?

But constipation is a sign that things aren’t right in your digestive process, and you need to get them fixed. Left unchecked for a long time, it will eventually lead to other complications which may well have been avoided had the initial discomfort of constipation been checked and addressed in the first place.

So What Can Long-Term Constipation Lead To?

  1. To understand this, you need to understand the excretion process. It’s as simple as that – your body getting rid of what it does not need. This, along with any toxins that you may have consumed along with your food. You may be wondering about toxins? Yes, and they are plenty, especially in pre-packaged foods that don’t come fresh. They undergo a chemical process that gives them a shelf life. Your body is kind and wise enough to get rid of all these toxins during excretion. Even some fresh foods may come with toxins that should get out of your body as soon as the digestive process is over. Imagine what happens when all these toxins are jammed in your colon and going nowhere. The toxins are left to lie in your digestive tract, and the dangers can be many, the most common of course being colon cancer.
  2. When you are constipated, it means that your stool is very hard. And no matter, you still have to go at some point. Your anus will suffer, because it was not created to excrete such hard things. You will find yourself with anal fissures, which will be a whole different problem altogether. It will make going to the toilet even more painful, especially if you are still constipated.
  3. Most people who suffer constipation suffer haemorrhoids. When stool is really hard and is trying to push out, it will sometimes come out with bits of your colon, and they have no way of going back in unless through medical intervention. They are packed with blood vessels and that’s why they get to be really painful – even sitting down can be a problem. Left untreated, and if you continue to be constipated, the problem only gets worse.
  4. Long term constipation can lead to intestinal obstruction. Faeces become so compacted that they become like little stones sitting in your intestines. Any food you eat will not get anywhere past these obstructions. This is a much more serious condition that will require medical attention, and maybe even surgery.
  5. Constipation will affect your general health too – you are often full and don’t feel like eating. As a result, your nutrition suffers. For most people, when this happens, they reach for a laxative pill – but these eventually cause what is known as lazy bowel syndrome, where your bowels cannot move unless urged on with a pill.

All these can be avoided, because constipation, unless caused or accompanied by other more serious conditions, is easily treatable at home. Seek out home treatments recommended here and use them often – they usually come in the form of healthy food and herbs anyway so frequent use should not be a problem.

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